For over a decade, Crimson Bridge has been a popular speaker choice for women’s events as well as frequent guest worship leaders for churches and conferences all over the country.

Why Crimson Bridge? 

This talented duo brings several unique things to the events for which they are invited to speak. They not only entertain but they teach. Not only do they speak but they bring musical excellence and interest. They have strong platform skills yet they’re not slick. Instead, audiences are drawn to their maturity, humor, and vulnerability as they are accessible through their real life experiences and the practical application of Biblical truth.


Popular as speakers and musical artists for large women’s conferences, church retreats, or luncheons, these longtime friends share unique perspectives through their personal stories. Each brings her own unique personality and understanding of God’s hand on her life as they speak with grace, discretion, vulnerability, and tons of honesty… interlaced with lots of humor and their beautifully executed songs.

Together and on their own, the members of this talented duo have worked in and out of the Christian and secular arenas for a very long time. Although they have toured and performed with many musical greats, even sharing the stage with renowned Bible teacher Beth Moore, they are happiest when they are at the heart of their work… sharing with the local church and especially with those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ. In addition to sharing their experience, strength, and hope, Crimson Bridge is also fully committed to doing whatever they can to help feed hungry children in the 3rd world through a relationship with Compassion International.

They have collectively recorded 7 CDs, both together and in solo efforts.

Sharing more than just a concert, these women are known for their fun, spontaneous style but also their ability to create important and life-changing moments for the listener. Always closing with a beautiful, direct, yet tasteful presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, audiences never forget their experience with Crimson Bridge!

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photo (3)Billye Sluyter Johnstone has been surrounded by music all of her life, having been raised in a family full of musicians. She began performing at age eleven in Sweet Adeline barbershop quartets as well as school musical theatre. Her most intense musical development was in church, singing and songwriting in various ensemble groups and participating in her church choir, where she is a member to this day. B illye presently serves at the Worship and Music Director at this very same church that poured so much in to her musical development, Emmanuel Church in Burbank, CA.  Outside of church, Billye has sung background vocals for several well-known Christian artists, fronted rock and roll bands, and was thrilled to also have been a member of the Ray Conniff Singers.  Billye’s first solo album represented her faith journey with original songs in an edgy, guitar-driven, rock style.  Her latest CD, “A New Perspective”, beautifully portrays her new view on life, both from being a new mother as well as from just continuing to learn about God and how to deeply and personally worship Him. Covering songs she admires as well as continuing to demonstrate her inventive songwriting skills, this album is a unique offering.  Billye continues to share her story and music with churches, youth groups and conferences in addition to her work with Crimson Bridge.  Married to Dave Johnstone, a Los Angeles session drummer, Billye, Dave and their two sons live in Burbank, California.

Sylvia Lange MusicSylvia Lange has had music running through her veins as far back as she can remember. Her interest in music began at the piano at home, nurtured by musical parents and grew as she too pursued musical theatre in high school and college. Since that time, she has enjoyed being a part of her own home church’s music ministry for years and outside of church, has done session work in the Los Angeles area, has sung as a background singer for a few legends in Christian music and in various special Christian groups, and also toured as a Ray Conniff Singer. Her greatest passion, however, is sharing Jesus Christ through song and word. Sylvia’s first solo CD “Not So Far Away” continues to touch many as it chronicles her “grace journey” with songs having to do with restoration, healing, and hope. Her next CD “Can You Hear Me?” took a slightly different turn as it showcases a soft, contemplative collection of covered classics and original songs that are designed to help the listener get quiet and really hear God. Her latest album, “Pure Christmas” brings a rich plethora of tunes ranging from haunting Celtic songs to holiday classics. In addition to touring with Crimson Bridge, she also enjoys her speaking ministry and performs as a solo artist as she guests as worship leader for many churches, shares with recovery groups, women’s conferences, singles’ groups, and various conferences. Sylvia also has developed and teaches “Dramatic Invisibility”, a workshop designed to help strengthen worship leaders and worship teams. Members of Clairemont Emmanuel Church above Mission Bay, Sylvia and her husband Wolf live next to the ocean in San Diego with their beloved dog Cleo.