Billye and Sylvia are popular speakers/artists for various kinds of events ranging from an evening or morning concert to a weekend retreat.  Sharing their personal stories through the lens of God’s Word, they are known for their transparency and relevance, impacting a wide age range.  As different from each other as night is from day, each brings her own unique understanding of God’s hand on her life as she speaks with grace, discretion, vulnerability, and tons of honesty… interlaced with carefully chosen and beautifully executed songs.

Statement of Faith

One-Time EventsBS SL CMAS Journey 1

  • Christmas events
  • Women’s Spring teas, brunches, Ladies’ Night Out and the like
  • Fall Ministry Kick-Off
  • Singles or Seniors
  • Recovery events
  • Church services

Weekend Women’s Retreats

Billye and Sylvia are in demand as  retreat speakers, for a full weekend or a one-day “mini” retreat option (an increasingly popular choice).BilSylRonHume

What’s Your (Real) Story?

A women’s retreat that explores the truth about who we are, where we are on our journey, and how we fit into God’s story…instead of the other way around.

Women often talk about God being a “part of their life”, even an “important part of our life”, but Billye and Sylvia think that is contrary to what’s healthy and holy and right.  Using key Scriptural references throughout, they share with and encourage participants in coming to terms with who they really are, Whose they really are, and what they’re going to do differently to live a full and honest life as a woman of God.

They most often bring their band or keyboardist to help them weave the musical worship time in to it in a seamless way, making it an intentionally cohesive program that closes with the Gospel and an opportunity to “start over” with God.

Other subjects include:

  • Different Paths; Same Destination
  • Women and Worry
  • Brand New Mercies
  • The Power of Friendship

From a women’s ministries leader after a recent weekend retreat:

We’ve received nothing but great and positive comments from our guests. Everyone loved both of you– your music, your testimonies, and overall demeanor. I’ve received reports back of guests asking Jesus into their hearts, coming up for prayer, asking questions about the Christian life, our church, etc. – all goals of ours for hosting this event! Personally I really appreciate not only your professionalism, but your flexibility in working within my budget and overall program parameters. You have been a blessing that surely will last for a long time and into eternity! I look forward to the next time we can work together for His kingdom purposes!